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Sunday, May 29, 2011

L.O.V.E ♥♥

I want to tell you, I can't tell you

Reality is not a mistake
We didn't meet by chance
I want to believe that it was fate

I know, no no, you'll tell me off
Yes, yes, if I'm selfish
And then you'll be too nice again
But I, I, I can't say it well
I can't tell you, you, to come to me
Hey, I'll always love you

I love you, that's why I want to be by your side
I love you, that's why I'm not by your side
When time goes by and we can finally be connected
Don't say anything, just look and me, yeah, and hold me

When I was still stuck in the past
Like a coward
It was you who held out a hand to me
From the future

But each time I become more attracted to you
It just makes it harder
We can't go ahead together

Just the fact that I met you that day made everything...
The first love song I sang to you
The way I loved you all the time, that irreplaceable smile
This is the last love song I’ll sing to you

Even though you're not here in this world
I still hear that love song
It falls from the sky in this silent night
The memories you gave me
Are proof that I loved you
There's only one, yeah, forever
"One love" for you

My hands were numb when I wrote this love letter
I kept giving up  on the first line
So I was never able to give it to you
I didn’t know the value of one second
You taught me love
And not only that
This life time is limited
The person who spurred me on
The person I'll love forever

That one feeling of being held in your arms
I prayed that it would reach you, that it would work out
As I look up alone at the starless sky at night
And think of you, I'll call your name