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Saturday, June 4, 2011

BEAST ! ♥♥♥

BEAST (B2ST) - Fiction nak download ! tapi asik takde line je . bengang betol aku nak line p1 ni . kejap ade , kejap takde . bengong ! hahaha kan dapat :DD aku nak pegi cc . tapi tak tahu nak pegi ngan sape . nak pegi sorng2 , segan XD nak ajak kaka aku ? TAYAH lah weeh ! kekeke die bukan nye nak pegi pon . dok uma je tahu nye :D

nak BEAST ! hehehee henn doe . tak percaye ? tengok ni BEAST (B2ST) official website . tengok ! hehe henn kan ? paling aku suke is Jun Hyung  saranghae ! hehe . de rapper dlm boy band ni . suke tengok mate die . tajam ! huhu kalau lah aku dapat boy yg macam ni , SUMPAH ! hehe aku tak curang doe . 

teringin nak meet deorng ohh :'( tahun lps deorng dtg Malaysia . tapi aku tak dapat pegi .aaahhhhh ! sedih ! tapi takpe . nnti aku dtg Korea :D wait for me oppa !  hahaha . BEAST is the B2ST 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

All The Beauty

Close thy eyes and touch my skin, and feel the beat of my heart,
for that is where my love for you will start.
If you took away your sparkling eyes and fresh soft face,
for I will forever be entranced in your embrace.
Your beauty goes beyond any looks that would try to compare,
for there is a more lasting foundation that I see you bare.
It’s not in all of what you say to those that pass by you,
for it’s the fondness of your words that speak forever true.
The love you show when a friend is in need,
the feeling of laughter that is so far from greed.
The gentleness of your gaze, and the nurturing touch to heal,
the strong lasting feelings of others that is made of steel.
You have a beauty that goes beyond what people want to see,
it is a wonderful feeling of a soul set free.
When all other words have no real use to show us who you really are,
I see by your actions and love for others you can only be a star.
Not of gold, treasures, or cash from those that work their fingers to the bone,
for you are of greater character one made a harder stone.
I been around the block so that is the curse of my life,
but out of all the women I played with I wish you to be my wife.
If you will have me as I am today,
know because of your beauty I will forever stay.
Like a moth that is drawn to the light only to fry,
it is by your side alone I will live and die.
Take my hand and we shall make this land anew,
for my love for you beautiful one is all-true.
Don’t think me a cad or just a silver tongued little boy,
for in my heart if you see into my eyes you know I am not acting coy.
My heart has been taken and I have only you to blame,
for in core of my love in you I feel no shame.
Take me as you’re, as long as you will have me,
in all the world you are all the beauty I wish to see.